identifying Addiction In the Workplace

Identifying Addiction In The Workplace

Addiction In The Workplace
Identifying & Next Steps

Part 1 of a 3 part Webinar Series

Learn how identifying addiction in the workplace can happen and why its important by watching the replay of webinar 1 in our 3 part series

70% of addiction persons are employed full or part-time. How can you tell when someone needs help? How does addiction affect your company’s productivity and growth? How does it affect you?

Dismantle the stigma and silence of addiction and recovery — over a quiet lunch.

We welcome you to watch this replay of our live webinar identifying addiction in the workplace where you’ll learn how to empower yourself to recognize a person suffering from an addiction, how to see addiction in its entirety and understand how it impacts your company. Feel free to invite a colleague or someone else you know that can benefit from learning with us. In this first of the three-part webinar series, you’ll learn about:

  • What addiction really is and its surprising modern-day sources
  • What addiction feels like and how it changes the brain and body
  • How to recognize an individual with an addiction
  • How addiction affects a company’s productivity, growth, and stability
  • How recovery for the individual puts a company back on the right path
  • What a recovery coach does to help
  • How a recovery coach can help a company’s employees

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Webinar 2 in the series: When and How to Take Action when you notice addiction in the workplace is available to view on our Youtube channel.

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