Corporations Invest in Sober Companions for Executives

Fortune 500 companies greatly value their executive leadership and make consistent investments to help them lead successfully far into the future.  In the last several years, such companies have invested in their executives’ recovery from addiction. Specifically, “sober companions” have been contracted to accompany executives on business travel.

Intense meetings, demanding work schedules, the stress of long travels, and the often pivotal importance of certain transactions make a recovery from any type of addiction especially arduous. Corporate boards and leadership, recognizing the key role such executives play with their leadership charisma, institutional knowledge, and established business rapport, have started to invest in assisting their executives in such situations.

Hiring a sober companion that is a recovery coach helps executives cope and continue in their recovery while being away from home, in a high pressure capacity, and while navigating numerous social situations.  A sober companion can assist an executive by helping the person with:

  • coaching between meetings or after hours
  • providing the opportunity to be a safe haven from social pressures
  • physically being near as to serve as a quiet source of strength or accountability
  • handling the logistics to prevent the serving or ordering of alcohol
  • assisting in the logistics of good decision making during travel
  • providing other individualized assistance 

If you are looking for a sober companion for an executive at your company, or for yourself, please reach out to us to learn more.

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