Bringing in an Expert (Virtually): Corporations Planning Executive Experiences for 2021

Corporations are seeking new experiences to bolster the effectiveness of their executives. Planners are scheduling executive experiences for 2021 including coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and webinars, to enhance both executive presence and company growth, and also as a way to maintain corporate culture in today’s unique work environment.

Executive Coaching/Executive Recovery Coaching 

The level of competition in the corporate world never ceases. Corporations are seeking coaches for their executives to help enhance their presence, attend to work/life balance, maximize critical thinking, help drive strategy, and even to help new executives to acclimate to a new company culture. Not too surprisingly, corporations are also electing to utilize executive recovery coaching when addiction starts to impede the productivity of top talent.  

Virtual Speaking Engagements 

Virtual platforms are facilitating more people being “present” at speaking engagements. Easy to schedule and attend from anywhere, corporations are utilizing speakers to help advance executive development through educational experiences and encouraging company growth through unique thought-provoking opportunities. Executives are the most interested in understanding more about:

  • general information about coaching 
  • improving corporate effectiveness and executive presence
  • addiction in the workplace and its effects on corporate growth
  • addiction and corporate security

Executive Leadership Via Webinars

Zoom and other platforms such as HD OfficeSuite Meeting have made webinars more commonplace and have greatly facilitated their prominence in the “new normal” work setting. Executives are able to access webinars on relevant and challenging topics. For example, Siegert & Associates’ “Addiction in the Workplace” series is available to watch here.

Considering that travel is restricted in many corporations, and yet many professionals need continuing education credits (CEC), webinars are the solution for both logistical reasons and as a way to elevate corporate productivity through informative sessions. Seigerts & Associates can prepare a webinar or a series tailored to the needs of a company or provide a list of topics. 

As 2021 approaches, elevating leadership in the virtual workplace experience is paramount to productivity, employee retention, and company growth. A key to moving forward into a new normal is utilizing technology to its full extent to give executive leadership access to expertise.

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