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Violence Prevention Education and Training & Violence Prevention Consulting.

Beth combines her state of the art training in threat assessment and risk management with decades of experience within a wide range of corporate settings as a public speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator, project manager, IT professional and executive and life coach. The combination of education and real-life experience allows her to offer some unique assets:

an excellent, engaging trainer who deeply understands the world of violence prevention.

• an extensive background in organizational, forensic and neuropsychology. Beth has extensive experience managing and de-escalating conflict which gained her a stellar reputation as the go-to person to deliver negative feedback and manage potential hostile reactions from employees.

• a pioneer who combines knowledge and experience with state of the art violence prevention and management techniques with decades of coaching experience. This combination allows her to assist clients to learn and manage potentially threatening situations. Her coaching background helps clients manage highly stressful situations while making sure the stress doesn’t lead to dangerous behaviors.

• as a seasoned project manager, Beth can assist her clients in maintaining both business and personal focus while managing the stresses of a potentially threatening situation.

Beth is trained to identify and use the “Pathways to Violence” approach to threat assessment and management.  This approach was developed by the US Secret Service, in conjunction with the US Marshals office and is consistently being brought up to date by incorporating the latest ongoing research. Beth integrates this “tool kit” into dynamic threat case management, a process which demands flexibility in approaches. 


From keynote presentations to highly interactive workshops, here are some topics that Beth can present at your next function. Please note that each one if these topics can be adapted based on the needs of the audience. We can also customize programs for industry forums and events.

                            Addiction, Mental Health and Recovery

                            Delivering Negative Feedback and Potential Hostile Termination                            

                            Multi-disciplinary Threat Management Teams

                            Threat Assessment

                            Violence Prevention Education and Training

                            Violence Prevention Consultation: Corporate, Medical Centers and University/School settings

                            Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

                            Stalking and Threatening Communications

                            Certified Professional Coaching and Certified Professional Recovery Coaching services available upon request.

Case Presentations:

                            The Connection Between Domestic Violence and Gun Violence: With gun violence at an all time high, how can we prevent future incidents? What are the red flags? What is the link to domestic violence? Beth Siegert will share the latest findings so you and your team are equipped with the right knowledge and tools that create results. 

                           Guns are not the only weapons used in domestic violence and domestic terrorism

 Linking DV/IPV, Addiction, Mental Health and Violent Actions.

Additional Information Available upon request.

The College of New Jersey 

Guest Speaker


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Testimonial from our client

“Beth was the keynote  speaker during our 2017 BW NICE Somerset County Chapter Red Shoe luncheon, an annual event the raises awareness for our charity partner, Safe+Sound Somerset. During her heartfelt talk, Beth revealed her personal journey with domestic violence, plus emphasized key resources now available to victims and survivors. She truly inspired the audience with her powerful words, and, encourages them all to take a stand when it comes to domestic abuse and violence. 

Not only is Beth an active member of BW NICE, but she is also a board member of Safe+Sound Somerset. Awareness about domestic  abuse and violence is on the rise, and  it is women like Beth, that help others transition from victim to survivor.

—Laura M. Cummins, President,  BW NICE Somerset County Chapter.

Testimonial from our client

"Beth's is a voice that we all need to listen to in addressing the issues in our society surrounding violence and mental health. Our system needs to be fixed at the level of public policy, and Beth's perspective can help us get there. She is a dynamic speaker with valuable experience that we can all learn from."


Corinne Zupko, Ed.S., 

Author and Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education

The College of New Jersey

The College of New JerseyDepartment of Counselor Education Adjunct Professor

Testimonial from our client

"Beth has a uniques ability to see far below the surface in almost any situation.  She picks up on seemingly  inconsequential details that are not inconsequential at all.  I originally worked with Beth about 25 years ago where she was a trusted member of the leadership team in a new (and subsequently highly successful) financial  institution. There I picked up on her  mission-oriented nature . Since then, I have observed  how she has  taken her natural talents and combined them with extensive life and work experience to create a refined and effective coaching  service.  

As a business executive, I find her approach HIGHLY valuable."

Dean Vliet

Micrographic Computer Services Inc.