Dealing with addictions are never easy. At Siegert & Associates, LLC, we create highly individualized, customized recovery plans for our clients because we have learned that what works well for one person often does not work for another. Beth works diligently to get to know each client, allowing a particularly effective approach to creating and implementing a plan that helps each client reaching his or her short- term and long-term goals. This is always performed in an environment of strict professionalism and confidentiality.

Addictions can stem from any number of factors, frequently including fear, insecurity, stress, frustration, hurt, and deeper personal issues. Our goal is to help people work toward an effective, healthy and comprehensive emotional and physical well-being. Beth, along with our other coaches, address an individual’s particular triggers that lead to cycles of addictive behavior. Relapse prevention, learning to identify the individual’s “red flags” that may lead to relapse¬†are part of our individual recovery goals.¬† Thus sparing the addict and their family members and co-workers the pains associated with a relapse.