Professional Coaching and Professional Recovery Coaching provided by a Sober Coach provides you with the opportunity to work with someone who had been trained in the neuroscience of recovery combined with a positive focus on your strengths, future, possibilities, meanings and challenging false assumptions. Recent advances in neuroscience are demonstrating the relational nature of the brain and the essential role that joy plays in healthy development of the brain.

Our recovery coaches are trained in the roots of addiction, resolving the age-old quarrel between old brain cravings and new brain reasoning and how these conflicts play out down to the cellular level. Alcohol’s and drug effects based on blood alcohol levels and length of use; tolerance and withdrawal; the consequences of drinking and drugging , and its toxic effect on a developing fetus.

Our tool kit of recovery coaching skills is based in Positive Psychology with a focus on your strengths, your future, your possibilities, on meaning, and challenging false assumptions. Utilizing the overall dynamics of Professional Recovery Coaching as a Strengths-Based System for changing addictive behavior. We explore rational vs. irrational thinking through cognitive restructuring as well as the self-empowering tool of Self-Talk Analysis.

Coaching Families
We also providing coaching services for family members and assist them adjusting to the reality that “Addiction is not a spectator sport; eventually the whole family gets to play.” Learn how to communicate to families about typical relational dynamics and how addiction distorts parent-child interactions that delay recovery.

Siegert and Associates desire to enhance the quality of life and health for individuals, families and communities impacted by addictions.