About Beth Siegert, CPC, CPRC

Beth Siegert in black

Beth Siegert possesses decades of experience in recovery consulting within a range of settings. These include working with individuals privately and working in multiple corporate and governmental environments. Over the past decade, Beth dedicated her time to threat assessment, threat management, forensic psychology research, and neuropsychological assessments due to an increase of violence in schools and the workplace. Many of these cases stem from domestic violence, as well as drug and/or alcohol abuse. Dedicated to identifying the root cause of addiction and violence, Beth speaks and consults on a variety of topics to educate and equip professionals, and the public, with the necessary information and resources to help to put an end to these epidemics that contain many parallels.

With her extraordinary background, Beth deeply understands the world of recovery and the many processes needed to help others break away from addiction, so they may discover a greater purpose.