Siegert & Associates LLC

Dramatically increase the effectiveness in your personal and professional life.

Our founder, Beth Siegert, utilizes state-of-the-art knowledge and decades of experience in executive and recovery coaching for those seeking to establish transformational presence and peace of mind through customized coaching. Beth brings over 35 years of experience within a wide range of settings, including being a high-level mentor and coach in confidential corporate and individual settings. She has brought these skills to clients in many ways, depending upon the unique needs of the client. These have included being a team facilitator, motivational speaker and educator. She also has expertise in dealing with those who make threats and managing those threats for businesses and families. This background is brought to help a wide variety of clients identify their highly varied needs and obstacles by creating an individualized/customized plan which allows each individual or corporation to become the best that one can be.

Improving Your Professional & Personal Life

Meaningful change happens when one is able to manage those aspects of their life that are not working for the person. Beth provides confidential, enlightening and transformative coaching that improves a person’s effectiveness and happiness in their work, professional and personal life. She guides individuals and families through a customized approach designed to address the broad changes that are most helpful and the daily behaviors, choices, and needs which comprises a person and a family’s effectiveness. As a compassionate yet direct coach with expertise in life, work and family problems, including recovery, all of which can significantly impede all of those involved. When working with an individual or a family, she is able to help navigate through difficult behavior patterns and assist in uncovering barriers that are holding one back from being the best he or she can be.

Improving Corporate Effectiveness & Executive Presence

Often, individuals present in a manner that interferes with successful interactions at work due to repetitive and often unaware behaviors. Not only do these interfere with one’s effectiveness at work, it also disrupts one’s executive presence and corporate integration. Beth uses her decades of experience to help individuals and teams improve the way they come across and interact, which ultimately occurs when one is aware of and willing to change problematic behaviors. By creating the custom-tailored coaching plan, and then working with a sensitive coach to implement the plan and make the necessary changes, one finds that they are naturally more respected because they now interact in an way that leads colleagues and clients to holding one in high-regard. This benefits not only the individual working on these changes, but also increases the respect and effectiveness of an entire team or larger corporate group.

Providing Support To The Legal Industry

After 15 years of working in forensics with one of the world’s most-respected experts, Beth understands how to coach clients into becoming more effective in how they come across in depositions and court-room testimony, and in how well they focus and interact with their legal team.